This is the most basic class where the beginning students are exposed to the rudiments of Arabic, Hadeeth, Spellings, Word Formations, Poetry, Writing, Basic Terminologies, etc.

The classes run everyday of the week except Fridays. Some of the classes are prerecorded while some are live classes. Nevertheless the convenience of our students are considered thus most of the classes are in the evening after work hours except the ones on weekends.

Below is the complete list of teachers and subjects they teach:

1. *At-tawheed by Al Ustaadh Aboo Nusaybah* , Book:(1. Muqaddimah fee Tawheed

2. Laaamiyah ibnu Taymiyyah

3. Al usoolu Ath-thalaathah)

2. *Al Hadeeth by Al Ustaadh Mansur Al thayyaat* ( 1.Al Muqaddimah fee l Hadeeth
2. Two hundred authentic Hadeeth)

3. *Al Arabiyyah by Ustaadh Muhyidden Alao* (Durusu Kughatul Arabiyyah part 2)

4. *Mustalahaat ( Arabic vocabulary) by Ustaadh Aboo Sufyaan* (Al Mustalahaat Arabiyyah)

5. *Al Qiraa'ah wal kitaabah by (Aboo Ayman, Aboo* tameem, Ummu sahlah)

6. *Arabic poetry by Aboo Aamir* (1. Al mandhumah An-Naafi'ah
2. Al mandhumah At-taaiyyah
3. Deewan Al-imaam As-shaafi'ee)

7. *Al Fiqh by Al Ustaadh Aboo Abdirahmaan* (Al mabaadiul Mufeedah)

8. Matn Al-Ajroomiyyah (at third term) by Aboo Aamir. 

Important Notice: Please take note that the Application Process is N1000 and Tuition Fee is N5000 per a term of three months.