This is the Intermediate Class where the students are exposed to a higher form of Arabic Grammar, Morphology, Hadeeth, Principles of Imlaah, Fiqh,, Seerah, Shi'r, Lugha, etc

The classes run everyday of the week except Fridays. Some of the classes are prerecorded while some are live classes. Nevertheless the convenience of our students are considered thus most of the classes are in the evening after work hours except the ones on weekends.

See the complete list of teachers and subjects they teach:

1.  An nahwu by Al Ustaadh Aboo Aamir Al atharee (Mulhatul i'raab)

2. An-naskh by Al Ustaadh Aboo Aamir Al atharee

3. Al Aqeedah by Al Ustaadh Aboo Khadeejah Al atharee ( Aqeedatur-Raaziyain)

4. Arabic poetry by Al Ustaadh Ibraheem Abu Basheerah( Deewaanu limaam as-shaafi')

5. As-seerah by Al Ustaadh Yusuf Aboo Ayman (Al arjoozatul meeiyyah )

6. Al Fiqhu by Al Ustaadh Mansur  Al khayyaat (Ad-duraru lbaiyyah by Al imaam shawkaaniy)

7. Al Hadeeth by Ustaadh Habeeb Aboo Abdirahmaan (umdatul A'hkaam)

8. Al Arabiyyah by Al Ustaadh muslih Aboo Sufyaan ( Book 2 duroosu lughah arrabiyah)

9. At-tawheed by Aboo Anas (muqarraru 'l Aqeedah)

10.  At-tafseer by Aboo Anas (Tafseer lushri lakheer)

11. As-sarf by Al Ustaadh Ridawan Atolagbe ( Al mabaadiu as-sarfiyyah)

12. At-tajweed by Al Ustaadh Muhyiddeen Alao ( Tuhfatul At faal)

13. Al Mutaala'ah by Al Ustaadh Ibraheem Uthmaan ( Ta'leemu l-lugatul Arabiyyah part 2)

Important Notice: Please take note that the Application Process is N1000 and Tuition Fee is N5000 per a term of three months.