Why Do We Learn?

Date: Friday 6th January 2023 | Hits: 2717

By: Abu Ayman, Yusuf Oyelade, Head of Exams and Research Unit


Knowledge is the most precious item to cherish. Anyone who is blessed with knowledge has indeed gotten ample luck. No one is superior to people of knowledge; only the learned know this.

Have you ever thought about why the human race is encouraged to learn, Muslims specifically? If not for the excellence of knowledge, do you think the sane minds will ever plunge into it as the reality is? No one is pleased at being attributed to ignorance; everyone claims 'I know this, I know that' - right or wrong. Of course there is pride in knowledge.

Perhaps people that underrate knowledge and people of knowledge are the worst kind they can be. Such people should be suffering from the most complex trauma of ignorance. Contrary to the goofy idiosyncrasy, here are some salient yet overlooked reasons why you should choose to learn, or learn more about your religion.

  1. Knowledge takes pride as mentioned above. Yes, it does, and it's worth it. In fact the Qur'an reads: [Az-Zumar 39:9]

{هل يستوي الذين يعلمون والذين لا يعلمون} 

"Are those who know comparable to those who know not?!"

In other chapter, it says: [Al-Ankabût 29:43]

{وتلك الأمثال نضربها للناس وما يعقلها إلا العالمون}

"..these are instances we lay for people, but no one understands them except the knowledgeable ones"

  1. It is a source of devine elevation on Earth and thereafter. Allaah says: [Al-Mujâdilah 58:11]

{يرفع الله الذين آمنوا منكم والذين أوتوا العلم درجات}

"Allaah will exalt those of you who believe and those who are given knowledge in high degrees"

  1. It is the origin of guidance. It will be illogical to relate guidance to ignorance. What have we then left for knowledge? A poet says:

عرفت الشر لا للشر لكن لتوقيه

ومن لم يعرف الخير من الشر يقع فيه

'I know evil not to commit it, rather to be wary of it

'Whoever knows not the difference between goodness and evil will surely fall into it'

  1. Knowledge is also the basis of all worship. An intelligent person would want to ponder on why the first revelation of the Qur'an contains directives related to knowledge [see Surah Al-`Alaq 96:1-5]. In Surah Muhammad, Allaah says: [Muhammad 47:19]

{فاعلم أنه لا إله إلا الله واستغفر لذنبك}

"Know that there is no diety worthy of true worship except Allaah, then seek forgiveness for your sins…"

Al-Imâm Al-Bukhârî commented: "Knowledge comes before speech and action".

  1. Allaah loves knowledge and people of knowledge. This is confirmed by His apostle - sallaLlaahu alayhi wasallam - when he said: 

«من يرد الله به خيرا يفقهه في الدين»

"Whoever Allaah wishes well for, He makes him understand the religion" [Bukhari: 71, Muslim: 1037].

A few  to mention as regards virtues of knowledge. In fact, it is just as penned:

العلم أنفس شيء أنت داخره   *** من يدرس العلم لم تدرس مفاخره

'Knowledge is the most valuable thing that you treasure

'Whoever studies knowledge, his pride shall not be obliterated.

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