Ibn Al-Jazaree Institute: The Journey So Far And Words Of Appreciation

Date: Thursday 5th January 2023 | Hits: 879

All praise to Allaah by Whose Favour all good things are achieved. I testify that there is none worthy of worship but He and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.

To proceed, we are indeed very grateful to our Lord for making this dream of Ibn Al-Jazaree a reality. We never thought it would be a project that would record a feat at this short inception. O Allaah! We are indeed grateful to You. We announce our weakness before You and we are sure only You can make us see the light at the end of our tunnel.

Prior to Covid-19 pandemic had Abu Khadeejah and I thought out an online class for our brothers and sisters all over. May Allaah reward Abu Yaseerah, Mallam Abbaas Olatunji, of fluxtechng.com, who despite his very tight schedule, or how would you describe the job of a higher institution lecturer, voluntary offered to re-design our pet website simplysalafiyyah.com then, where he gave us a superb online teaching section. 

We admitted a lot of students and we tried our best to make an impct but it was too much a load for just Abu Khadeejah and me. So, the class, after some months of running it, died, though some of the students then contributed negatively to its death. Also, we were too weakly magnanimous. That was around 2015.

Then came Covid-19 pandemic that sealed all of us up at home. All madaaris were closed. many teachers opted for online teaching, we, Abu Khadeejah and I, also seized the opportunity. Before then I had been nurturing Ibn Al-Jazaree (after the death of an initial Ibn Abbas Academy which Abu Haleemah and I were planning (Alhamdulilaah that Abu Haleemah has resuscitated it now and is fully in control, baarakallaahu feeh). 

I had undergone some Qur'aan training in Zaria, about four month-long journeys in successive years, where my teacher, Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Thaani, practically exposed me and some other students to the nitty-gritty of Ilm Qiraa'aat. I fell for al-Imaam Muhammad bn Muhammad bin Muhammad bn Jazaree who came to expand the legacy of that important branch of Qur'aan Sciences. 

A respected teacher of mine, an expert of ilm hadeeth from whom we benefitted a lot in the feld of hadeeth and others, had encouraged me to start teaching that Qur'aan knowledge lest one forgets it. So, Ibn Al-Jazaree Institute became a pet project but Allaah used the Covid-19 pandemic to bring out an unplanned online version of the Institute.

This time around a number of teachers of Qur'aan were involved namely my good friend, Abu Ahmad al-Kurawee, who had laboriously learnt the Qur'aan at Kura, near Kano. Abu Anas, Abdul Kabeer Ayoola; Abu Nusyaybah. Tayyib Lawal and others were brought along (They are both memorizers of the Noble Book). Of course, Abu Khadeejah was the Ustaadh of the program. We ran an effective Qur'aan Recitation and Lireracy Program for a number of brothers and sisters across the globe. In the process, the idea of an online Madrasah came up thus Ibn AL-Jazaree Online Institute as a precursor to Ibn al-Jazaree Physical Institute was born.

The home then was Ede, Osun State. Later we felt it would be better if the physical institute was brought to Ibadan, the largest city in Africa, contestable though. We made an appeal for a land acquisition and our brothers and sisters far and wide supported us. We bought two plots of land in Ibadan and later a female slave of Allaah gifted a whole acre of land to us. Allaahu Akbar! May Allaah reward her best.

While the online madrasah had been on for about three years now from which we had produced a number of certified students, we had since moved to Ibadan to pursue the physical projects.

May Allaah reward everyone has contributed to the successful journey so far; nice brothers and sisters, by Allaah.

Abu Yaseerah, Mallam Abbaas Olatunji, is once again appreciated. Allaah has used him again to facilitate ibnuljazaree.com for us. This website is another selfless effort from him. He did it diligently such that we felt if he were to bill us, we would run bankrupt.

Our good friend, right from Obafemi Awolowo University days, Abu Yunus, Mallam Jaami Oloyede, of symalite.com, is also appreciated. He has been our technical officer since we established simplysalafiyyah.com in 2013. He has been with us technically and financially. Or how would you describe a technical officer that would help you search for the best website host around the world and still pay for the domain name and the cost of hosting? Is that not a technical cum financial officer? He still does more than that.  Jazaakumullaahu khayran, Abaa Yunus.

As for Abu Khadeejah Al-Atharee, only Allaah can reward him. He has been a strong pillar to us. He supports us in every way. He is a teacher, an adviser and a financier. He will just throw money at us in our endeavors without batting his eyes. I used to wonder if I can be as generous as he is. I used to tell him 'Abu Khadeejah, I hope I will be able to repay half of the good things you have done for me.' I am sure our Lord would reward him best. Abu Khadeejah, do not be offended for making this public. By Allaah, I want it a bishaarah aajilah for you. We don't praise you above Allaah.

Mallam Jibreel A. who is based abroad is another that good fellow. By Allaah, we have not set eyes on each other but the way he supports the cause you would wonder how he would do if he sees us. Since the conception of Ibn al-Jazaree project he has been supportive. Jazakumullaahu khayran Sir, and your family. Our special regards to her.

The Gbadamosis, the twin brothers, are other nice people. By Allaah, they have been very helpful in this cause. Words of encouragement followed by actions. Jazakumullaahu khayran.

Dr Idrees Abdulhameed, Imaam Faaj, is also a brother to mention. He is so keen about the project that he once arranged a streak of months' allowances for some of our tutors. It ran almost half a year. Jazakumullaahu khayran Sir.

My good lecturer brother and friend, awon boda wa nibadan, Abu Muslim. He has also been wonderful. In this cause, he has been financially helpful. I do cherish his usual remarks any time he meets me, 'Abu Aamir, hope there is no problem.' Jazakumullaahu Khayran.

Abu Khaalid, As-Saydalee, as I often refer to him, is also a wonderful soul. A diligent and quiet scholar and a philanthropist. Jazakumullaahu khayran.

Abu Mubaarak Ikenne! Maasha Allaah! What an elderly brother who is ready to sacrifice his last kobo in the cause of the deen! Since we met in Ede, you have taken us as your brothers. May Allaah be with you wherever you are. Jazakumullaahu khayran. If you meet my brother, Abu Salman, e bawa kiwon. He is a wonderful person too, Jazaahullaahu khayran.

Abu Ubaidah, Ridwan Sanyaolu, is another nice brother to the cause. He has been fortifying the Da'wah with gifts of high-grade Samsung smartphones. Jazakumullaahu khayran. He was among the entourage that accompanied us to Ibadan, when we finally moved. Our regards to Abu Abdirrahman al-Hajaree, my good and supportive friend. Then Abu Aisha Delta and the rest of that team that came with us that evening. Omo Ariyor you are appreciated too, you will ever remain a dependable ally. As-Samakee, Abu Abdillaah, that your supplication that night remains in our memory. Jazakumullaahu khayran. ABu Abdimateen, Jazaakumullaahu khayran too.

Abu AbdurRahman Lawyer is another cool and quiet supporter of the cause. Baarakalllaahu feekum wa fee maalikum, Sir.

Abu Zayd of al-Ameen Clinic, Ede, is another nice fellow. He has also been supportive to the cause in all ways medically and financially. He remains in touch with us. Jazakumullaahu khayran.

Our regards to every brother at Daar Tawheed Ede starting from the Imaam, Shaykh Abu Jafar, down to the last person. Regards to al-Ghina, Abu Aisha Gas, Abu Mubaarak, Abu Abdilquddus, Alawo, Abu Ibraheem Akajewole, etc. You have all been wonderful.

And our host in Ibadan, hmm! If we should open that file now, this space will not contain the words of appreciation. We ever remain grateful Sir.  May Allaah continue to provide for you and your family where you never expect. You have taken us as your younger brother even though you never knew us before, may Allaah reward you and your family abundantly. You and Baba Imaam have been very supportive of this cause right from when we met from nowhere, may Allaah accept both you and your people as His slaves. We have promised not to delve too much into this, now. Our special regards to grand ma and the Ummahaat, by Allaah, they have been very nice to us.

To our partners at Deensavvy Academy UK/Nigeria, we say may Allaah reward you best for believing in our capacity. Our special regards to Shaykh Sulayman Hamzah, the head of Deensavvy Academy, and our brothers abroad. Inshaa Allaah we shall continue to do our best to ensure that we expand the global reach via Deensavvy Academy. Deensavvy Academy is a global online madrasah for kids and teens in Nigeria and abroad. We shall tell you more about it in due course, Inshaa Allaah.

Ash-Shaykh Sudaanee is also very worthy of our mention. Talk of moral support, he is there for us. May Allaah increase the bond of brotherhood between us. Our regards to Aboo AbdusSalaam and the rest of our people at Ibn Salaah Madrasah. 

We will never forget our Oga, Mr. Adesope. Maasha Allaah! He has been of a tremendous support since we landed in Ibadan. His selfless consulting work on our kids' non-Islamic education is well appreciated. Talk of ideas and skills to set up modern Islamic schools, Mr. Adesope is there. Inshaa Allaah, we pray for more expansion on the project. Jazakumullaahu khayran.

Also our brothers at Samiallaahu Masjid, Eleyele, Ibadan, especially Imaam Abu Salmaan and our nice brother, ABoo Israaeel, Jazaakumullaah khayran for your support. Our special regards to Abu Abdirrahaaman, and Abu Abdillaah of Tawaazun Academy. Allaah of you have made our stay in Ibadan a joyful one. Abu Mutmainnah, Apete, Ibadan, you are also appreciated. You have been our supporter right from our days in Ikire. Jazaakumullah khayran. Abu Ni'mah, Idi Oke, Jazaakumullaah khayran too.

Our special appreciation goes to the staff of Ibn Jazaree Institute whom Allaah has been using to make what the Institute is today. Abu Anas, the Director of Studies; Abu Nusaybah, the Registrar; Abu Ayman, the Exams Officer and Head of Research. The erudite tutors like Shaykh Faatih, Shaykh Muyyideen, Shaykh Saalih Alugo, Shaykh Ibraheem Abu Basheerah, Shaykh Habeeb and host of others. We also remember Ustaadh Muslih, Ustaadh Ismail Barnaamij, Ustaadh Habeeb Baba Ibeji, Ustaadh Waliyy Olanrewaju, Ustaadh Ridwan Atolagbe, Ustaadh Ibrahim Ilaro and Ustaadh Muhydeen Alao. A special regard to Ustaadh Mansur. All of you are wonderful people.

We also extend the appreciations to all the sisters handling the Qur'aan Memorization section for us. You have all been doing well.

We will never forget Shaykh Hasan Salahudeen and Shaykh Abdulghafaar Oniwiridi, they held the fort for those who came after. Abu Marwan, Ustaadh Abdulwakeel, is also appreciated.

We will also not forget our dear Abu Musa. Jazakumullaahu khayran. He has been a special person to us.

And the mashaayikh at Madrasah Tawheed Ede! Baarakalllaahu feekum. Ibn al-Jazaree Institute owes that madrasah a lot of gratitude. Till now, 95 percent of our staff are either former students of the madrasah or present staff members. Also, the curriculum of Ibn Al-Jazaree follows the pattern of Madrasah Tawheed. We should not be shy to say we had our teacher's training at Madrasah Tawheed.   

I, Aboo Aamir, acquired the bulk of the skills of madrasah management from Madrasah Tawheed Ede where I taught for more than a decade from Ibtidaaee Level to Thaanawiyyah.

Therefore, special regards to our mashaayikh such as al-Imaam Abu Hanun, Abu Sakeenah, Abu Mutmainnah, Abu Bilaal, Baba Rabiatu (an elderly man that took young boys like us as friends), Ustaadh Bukhaaree and host of others. [Abu Khadeejah still features here, baarakallahu feekum] 

The good wishes from Abu Hanun the day we finally told him we would be moving to Ibadan would ever be remembered. His supplications for us that day were deep.

Baaristers Arikewuyo and Maisalati are also appreciated for their free legal services.

All our students are also appreciated for believing in us. The online students, baarakallaahu feekum. The physical students, you are saluted too. Ibraheem Akinola and Mahboob, baarakallaahu feekuma for handling the non-Islamic subjects for our kids. Arowose-sunnah, baarakallaahu feek. The twins, baarakallahu feekuma. Ma'roof, you are also saluted, our regards to Dr Abu Faatimah, Ile Ife.

We also appreciate all the kids in the neighborhood who used to take part in the masjid learning activities, baarakallaahu feekum.  We can't mention all your names here but Nu'maan should greet them all.  

To the wives too we say baarakallaahu feekunna for accepting us as we are. You have never wavered in what we stand upon and you have all been very actively supportive in the cause. May Allaah reward you best.

Other people we didn’t mention their names here should please pardon us. You are all appreciated, even more. May Allaah reward you all.

Please our physical projects are yet to start in Ibadan here though we have started running the madrasah according to our capacity, and we are grateful to Allaah for His support. So do remember us in your supplications, and your financial help is still solicited. We have a masjid, blocks of classrooms, library, hostel, etc., to construct. Our account details remain: 

al-Jazaree Concepts 1017423509 Zenith Bank Plc.

Jazakumullaahu khayran
Aboo Aamir, Ishaaq bin AbdurRaheem,
Ajorosun Estate, Moniya, Ibadan
13th Jumaadal-Aakhirah 1444AH (6th January, 2023)

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