Date: Tuesday 8th August 2023 | Hits: 347

We thank Allaah for His Bounties, seeing us through all stages of activities in this blessed institute. May He continue to crown the various efforts.

It's the fourth month of the second term, in which we should have the terminal examinations. The management have however decided to hold lectures for two more weeks after which the exams commence, in shāa Allaah.

Therefore, the commencement of the exams has been fixed at 21st August, 2023 [15th Safar, 1445H], for all levels in the institute. All students are thus advised to watch out and get prepared ahead; the time is near.

BaarakaLlaahu feenaa wafeekum.

Aboo Ayman
For Ibnul Jazaree Institute, Nigeria.

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