Timetable For All Classes, 1444/45AH Session

Date: Saturday 7th January 2023 | Hits: 761

Important Notice: All weekday classes take place in the evenings except Friday which is a free day. Weekend classes start from 12 noon till evening. 

Tamheed Class 
Saturday: At-tawheed, Hadeeth
Sunday: -Al-Mustalahaat, Al -Qiraa'ah wal kitaabah, Al arabiyah
Monday: At-tawheed
Tuesday: Arabic poetry
Wednesday: Fiqhu 
Thursday: Al -Qiraa'ah wal kitaabah, Al Arabiyyah

Mutawassit Timetable
Saturday: Al Aqeedah, Al Hadeeth, Tafseer 
Sunday: Arabiyyah, Tajweed, Sarf
Monday: Fiqh, Nahw 
Tuesday: Seerah, Mutaala'a 
Wednesday:Qawaaidul imlaa, Tawheed
Thursday: Ash-Shi'r al-arabiy, Nahw, An-naskh

Aalee class
 Saturday: Al Aqeedah, At-tawheed, Al balaaghah ,  Al adab
Sunday: Al manhaj, As-sarf, At-tajweed
Monday: Al Arood, At-tafseer, Uloomul Qur'aan
Tuesday: Al Mutaala'ah, Usool at-Tafseer, Mustalah al-hadeeth
 Wednesday:- Al Faraaid, Usool al-fiqh
 Thursday: Al Fiqh, Al Hadeeth, An-nahw

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